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Loud & Clear – The Importance Of Aviation Radio Etiquette

For new pilots, the radio can be a source of great anxiety. The amount of jargon and technical terms used during a standard radio transmission can be intimidating to someone just getting to grips with operating a plane. Without proper instructio... Full Read

Wired Vs Wireless – Is It Time To Cut The Cord?

While the general public has embraced wireless headphones for music-listening and mobile calls, pilots of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters have been slower to move from wired to wireless solutions. The reasons for this are multi-faceted, but ... Full Read

The Top 3 Features To Look For In Your Next Headset

It’s a story that’s all too common. New pilot settles for a budget aviation headset when they start learning to fly. New pilot promises themselves they’ll upgrade ‘someday’. ‘Some day’ never comes. Now not-so-new pilot ends up flyi... Full Read

Why Learn To Fly A Microlight

Want to experience the joys of flight but not sure that you want to make the investment of time and money involved in getting a Private Pilot’s Licence? There is an alternative. Australia’s growing microlight community can get you flying you... Full Read

The Three Pieces of Pilot Gear Most Worth Your Money

Pilots often keep a lot of equipment on hand with them when they climb into the cockpit. From kneeboards to charts, flight computers and global positioning systems, there’s a lot you can buy and a lot you have to keep track of. Especially if y... Full Read

Three Tips For Beginner Pilots

Whether you’ve decided to do it for fun or as a career change, learning to fly is a significant undertaking. It involves weeks of time in the cockpit, and months spent understanding the theory and regulations that help you fly safely and legal... Full Read

The Importance of a Specialised Aviation Headset

If you’re a new pilot or are looking at riding along on a friend or family member’s aircraft, you are going to need a headset. With a bit of luck the aircraft’s owner will have provided a headset for each passenger seat. If not, showing up... Full Read

4 Steps to Start Learning How to Fly

Have you always wanted to fly? You don’t have to train to become a commercial pilot in order to discover the joys of flying your own airplane. Recreational flying allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the sky without committing to a new career.... Full Read