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A Wide Selection of Headset Adaptors

When you want the very best equipment, then you want to buy from us. We have an extensive range of aviation headset adaptors at affordable prices and when you shop with Pilot Communications, you know you’re only going to get the best. We work hard to supply the highest quality equipment as we understand that when you’re in charge of an aircraft you need to be certain that all of your equipment will work and will deliver the functions you need.

We have plenty to choose from

We also understand that there are many different needs within the aviation community and we aim to cater to these with our huge selection of ANR aviation headset adaptors. The type of equipment you need will depend on a range of different factors including how noisy the aircraft you’re flying is, what type of flying you are doing, whether you have passengers or not as well as a range of personal requirements.

We have basic models that deliver quality communications with no frills, as well as premium ANR helicopter headset adaptor options that are designed to cancel out noise and models with features such as allowing your phone to be plugged in.

Why aviation experts choose our products

Our products are also backed by great warranties and all come with a 30 day money back policy. So if you choose one that is not suitable, you can send it back for a refund or replace it with another one. We also provide the free service of adding your own logo or ear cup colours along with your helicopter headset adaptor.