ANR7000 One of the Lightest ANR Aviation Headsets on the market



Product Description

Made in China, the ANR7000, at less than 200 grams, is one of the lightest and most comfortable ANR headsets on the market today.
It has a passive noise attenuation of 22 dB and an active noise attenuation of an additional 24 dB. It features a premium Electret Noise Cancelling microphone and high fidelity speakers. It has comfortable leather ear seals. It is powered by two AA batteriesĀ with a battery life of up to 48 hours.

Look at all these features and decide for yourself.

* Passive noise reduction of 22 dB
* Active extra noise reduction of 24 dB
* High Fidelity speakers
* Switchable Mono/Stereo
* Auxiliary audio jack
* Flexible microphone boom
* Electret noise cancelling microphone
* Super Comfortable headpad
* Super Comfortable Leather Ear Seals
* Volume control
* Uses two AA batteries (not included)
* Battery life up to 48 hours
*Headset Bag included

All this with a 3 year warranty
30 day money back guarantee


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