PNR2000U Industrial Headset



Product Description

The PNR2000U is by far the best value for money UHF Industrial Headset on the market. When you wish to be in radio contact with your heavy machinery operators this aviation spec headset will do the trick. It has a detachable main coiled communication lead utilising a mini 5 pin XLR plug. Communication leads are available for many UHF hand held radios. We stock the following leads.

K1 – Kenwood & Baofeng UV-5R UHF handhelds
M1 – Motorola UHF handhelds
S1 – Icom UHF handhelds IC-40/41
S2 – Icom UHF handhelds IC-41

Look at all these features and decide for yourself.

* Easily detachable coiled main communication cord
* Press-to-Talk button on earcup
* Passive noise reduction of 24dB
* Quality speakers
* Flexible microphone boom
* Electret noise cancelling microphone
* Super Comfortable headpad
* Comfortable foam ear seals
* Volume control
* Mic muff
*Headset Bag included

All this with a 2 year warranty
30 day money back guarantee

You can see the full range of detachable communication leads under HEADSET SPARES>MAIN LEADS.



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